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Lack of knowledge or confusion about nutrition shouldn’t keep you from looking and feeling GREAT!  It's time to: 

  • Stop the yo-yo-dieting roller coaster.
  • Stop counting pesky calories. 
  • ​No endless hours working out.
  • ​Make weight and blood sugar changes needed to improve health.
  • ​Walk up the stairs without getting out of breath.
  • ​Play with your kids without telling them to slow down.
Your lack of knowledge about nutritionshouldn’t keep you from looking and feeling GREAT!
It’s time to: 
  • Stop the yo-yo-dieting rollercoaster.
  • ​No more counting calories or endless hours working out.
  • ​Follow a program that is easy and affordable to stick to.
  • ​Make the health and blood sugar changes you’ve been looking for.
I am a Registered Dietitian who broke away from ineffective and confusing nutrition advice.
I made a commitment to find a way to live longer, stronger, healthier, and happier.
After working with thousands of clients, I developed innovative approaches to slim down, naturally normalize blood sugar and improve overall health.
I put my method into a FREE Ebook to help others. 
 Here is just a sampling of what you get in the 40 page ebook:

📅Eat Right - 7-days of dietitian created meal plans.
🍱Recipes - 7-days of simple, delicious recipes to keep you on track. 
⏲️​Exercise, Sleep, and Stress Reduction Plans to amplify your success.
Don’t Take My Word For It…
What You Get...
  • 40 Page Step-By-Step Playbook - learn how YOU can use Rebel Dietitian secrets to finally take control of your health, ignite body-fat burning, get fit, sleep better, and feel amazing.  I have done the research for you. 
  • 7 Day Dietitian Created Meal Plan - Even your family will love these. 
  • Simple, Daily Practices - It's all waiting for you when you simply turn the pages.  Begin feeling stronger, healthier, and more alive... no more shame, guilt, confusion or frustration...JUST SUCCESS!
  • Delicious Recipes You Won't Believe Are Healthy - Simple, delicious recipes to keep you on track. 
  • Get Toned & Sexy - Do anywhere exercises that DON'T require endless hours or a gym membership! 
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