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I wanted to look great and feel awesome.  

I've tried every diet out there from DASH to Mediterranean to Whole30 to Paleo and even Keto.  

I've juiced, fasted, starved, and binged. I've read everything about nutrition and health.   

So, if you've struggled with your weight, blood sugar or been confused by all  the advice out there, it's time to take a look at some of the secrets I've discovered working with 1000's of clients.
Don’t Take My Word For It…
What You Get...
  • Meal Plan - Simple to use so you will know exactly what foods to eat and the ones to avoid.  No complicated plans, boring checklists, or hard to understand guidelines. 
  • Simple, Daily Practices - It's all waiting for you when you simply turn the pages.  No more guilt, confusion or frustration...JUST SUCCESS!
  • Delicious Recipes - simple recipes to keep you on track.  Even your family and friends will love these.
  • Get Toned & Sexy - simple do anywhere exercises that DON'T require a gym membership! 
Hi, I'm Valerie
  • Highly sought after Registered Dietitian
  • USA Preferred Provider for extensive study and research on Low Carbohydrate & Ketogenic Nutrition Treatment Protocols
  • ​Awarded Arizona Health Care Association Leadership Professional of the Year
  • Metabolic Training Specialist
  • ​Educated and mentored thousands of clinicians and patients through coaching and courses
  • ​Developed programs resulting in thousands of pounds of weight loss and reversal of chronic disease, creating radical health transformation.
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